Brooke Rehberg | Straw Propeller

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I learned to love running in my 30’s, about two years after I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder and was having trouble even walking. I was intimidated at first, being unsure of my abilities, and of my body’s willingness to do what I asked of it without breaking. I remember going to the track with a friend, being so impressed with how she could just take off and run 5 miles like it was nothing, while I walked 2 miles. She asked me to join her in running several times over the summer, but I was afraid I would fail or look goofy, or both!

It wasn’t until the fall that I got up the courage to try running a lap when no one else was there. I didn’t have running shoes or know what proper form was, I just ran. I almost didn’t make it to the end of the lap, which was a ¼ mile, but I pushed myself and let the exhilaration wash over me as I crossed the line I started at. The sense of accomplishment I got from that quarter lap was amazing for such a small feat. Not even crossing the finish line on my first 10k could rival how I felt after that first lap.

I was hooked, but the motivation was not enough. I needed to have the right tools to be able to run well, so I got running shoes, some training, portable music, and I mapped my favorite routes on trails I ran.

As I began to incorporate running into my lifestyle, I had to change how I was eating. Food became another tool for me, to fuel my body for a run, in addition, to be a tasty break in my day. I did some research and found that oatmeal would work really well to replenish my energy, so I began including that in the mornings after I ran. One day I ran at a middle school track and I saw a sponsorship plaque for a company called Straw Propeller, and I wondered what kind of company it was. I certainly couldn’t tell from the name, but I looked them up, and now I work there too 😊

Being a busy, working mom I don’t have a lot of time left over in the morning after I run, to make breakfast. But lucky for me, Straw Propeller Oatmeal doesn’t require any cooking. Knowing that all I have to do is just heat up some water and pour, then cover makes it easy to put on my shoes and pound that pavement. My reward is: I get to eat a delicious, healthy breakfast on my way to work and don’t have any dishes to wash!