You Are What You Eat

Craig Emerson | Straw Propeller

“You are what you eat” is a common theme for healthy living. How can parents keep children energized and healthy while they’re in school?


School bells are ringing all around the country and parents everywhere are busy with preparations to ensure that their families have an easy transition from summer break to busy school schedules.

Regardless if you have fussy eaters or not, it can often be difficult coming up with healthy and quick breakfasts or snacks that will keep your children happy.  Most parents share the same goal of staying on top of things as they start the new school year.  Frequently these ambitions unravel once everything is in full gear and the schedules get crazy.

Studies have shown that kids who have eaten well during the school day are more likely to maintain concentration during class, and less likely to come home in a bad mood.  Eating a good, healthy breakfast or snack is important for everyone.

Start your family's day off on a nutritious note while also making your mornings a little less hectic with quick, tasty oatmeal-on-the-go.  Straw Propeller offers an achievable way to stay committed to whole, simple, and healthy foods during a fast food schedule.